January 8, 2022
4 mins

Why start-ups must invest in UX as soon as possible?

The more a start-up works on its UX, the more it will able to succeed.

90% of start-ups failed. More than the half because of their product. There are two main reasons that could be avoid if they invested more in UX Design.

Beat by competitors

We can beat competitors for several reasons. But for an equal competition (same cash investment, same product), the reason that makes the difference, at the end, is UX.

Let's have a look to Apple. People are able to spent 3 or 4 times more to get an iPhone. However, the feature's competitor are the same. So how Apple makes the difference? Because of it system. Because of its UX. 

Take another example : Wesabe start-up (personal finance management website) bankrupted in 2005 (!)  for many reasons but history will remember that Wesabe Design and its global UX was less well thought.

Build the wrong product

Good UX is a recipe between usefulness (solve a problem) and business model (monetization, i.e is people ready to pay to solve their problem?). It's a big challenge. Many start-ups change their product to sell more. But, in the other hand, they damage their UX. And worse: they forget to answer the need of their end-users.

Invest into UX as a start-up could be luxury. But, it's not. UX is the best way to put all the chances on his side to succeed.

It's pretty basic and logical: when you are a start-up at the early stage, you focus on our MVP (Minimum Valuable Product). If the UX process is not respected, the Product Market Fit will never appears to your eyes. And, Design Thinking process can (must!) be apply at every stage to avoid failure. Product work-oriented is essential to improve and grow quickly even if lots of start-ups feel to lost time by doing it. If you already faced this moment, it means that you are in the right way to succeed.

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